nancysherman1000To a Japanese Garden designer, the garden stones form the backbone of the garden. Good stone composition is the essence of a good garden. If the stone composition is weak, it’s not considered a good garden. Rockman’s creations provide that strong foundation for gardens and generations to grow-up around. The many walls and terraces and gorgeous pond, that Paul and his fabulous crew have built, bring character and beauty to my land.  [See image to right -click to enlarge]
Nancy Shearman

maaleaPaul Rice, the “Rockman” of Kula, has been building rock walls for my many projects for over 25 years.   If you are considering a rock wall, take a look at the latest project I built, the Ma’alaea General Store [See left -click to enlarge].  It illustrates the creativity and imagination that come into play for each different job site.
Dom Marino


I was given your name by several neighbors when I inquired about needing a rock retaining wall to control a very serious drainage and erosion concern with our property in Keokea.

My wife and I reside on the Mainland, therefore, 1 was dependent   on a responsible, reliable and conscientious person who would be willing to work shoulder to shoulder with me.  Indeed, you did not disappoint me.  You were continuously updating me via phone conversations and emailing photos supporting the progress regarding the rock retaining walls.  You even went the extra mile when the Island experienced a very wet and torrential storm; you followed up by visiting the property to insure the drainage was functioning as planned.

richard1000I would like to take this opportunity to Thank-you for not only resolving and controlling the poor drainage issue that existed, but my wife and I would also like to extend our appreciation for the wonderful bonus we received.  We could never have imagined how beautiful the property would become due to your creativity, precision and professionalism.

I would like to confirm that we will also join our neighbors in referring   “ Paul the Rockman”   to anyone in need of your services.  [See Richard’s entry on left  -click to enlarge]


billrussel“I first became acquainted with ‘Rockman” Paul Rice about eight years ago when I had inquired locally for a natural-stone dry-stack rock wall builder to construct new entry and interior rock wall ‘fences’ at my Kamaole, Kula, Maui property. Having been educated as a structural engineer, I was greatly comforted to learn of the structural integrity of Paul’s design criteria because of his dry-stack methodology which is the most guaranteed and foolproof to failure-by-collapse process which I have seen and can imagine. As a bonus, Paul adds incredible aesthetic artistry to the appearance of his finished product as an equally important component of his design criteria. Having been born and raised in Hawaii and having often handled the natural resources of its islands, and having seen many local rock walls throughout the Hawaiian Islands made using many different processes, I, by far, prefer Paul’s unique skills and methodology to construct dry-stack rock wall ‘fences’, which is why I had recently requested that Paul provide additional and more extensive rock wall ‘fences’ on the boundary and on the interior of my property, which have just been completed and with which I am immeasurably satisfied.

What I have written, above, is the truth as I feel most comfortable to completely express my impression of the skillful integrity and quality of your rock wall ‘fence’ product as concisely as possible.  [See some of Bill’s walls to the right -click to enlarge]

Aloha, and thank you for you caring service,  Bill Russell  -Kula Landowner

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